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Produktcode: T14050505-001. 1416 ROLL

Roll + LED Roller lid shutter Toyota Hilux Revo

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E-Kit (Electric version)
S-Kit (Spring version)
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Realisierungszeit: 10-14 tagen


New generation, 8-patented, one 100% handmade aluminum trunk roller shutter to Toyota Hilux Revo, double cab. Product made of the highest quality raw material. Revolutionary design, durability, versatility and with 3 years

warranty in materials and workmanship.

Easy upgrade from "Basic" to "Spring, S-Kit" or "Electric, E-Kit" version by just adding one of the S-Kit or E-Kit, at any time with no use of tools or special knowledge.

- S-Kit: Work more efficiently using the spring motion on your roll top cover. With the addition of a special spring, a smooth, silent, and safe automatic rewind of the roll into the canister is achieved.

The spring is mounted & protected inside the aluminium (heavy duty) central shaft (Direct Drive System) and takes up no extra space of the vehicle’s trunk load area.

 - E-Kit: Specially designed AI controller board with the following specifications:

- No need calibration. The only motor system in the global market with no need of calibration to each vehicle’s trunk body length, as it does it automatically.

- Soft open/close feature: Specially programmed system which provides soft open/close feature for smoother usage.

- Mobile App facilities.

- You can stop and lock your roll top cover at any point by step-less auto locking.


Specially designed canister’s cover allowing easy access and control of the Tessera Roll+

Easy installation in vehicles with or without bed-liners. In case of bed-liners can be easily installed with under-rail types or over-rail types

Easy and quick installation without drilling holes.

Aerodynamic design to boost fuel economy.

Practical red LED light bar, which can be used as beam light, brake light and in the case of the e-Kit as an obstacle warming signal or even as an alarm.

Heavy-duty shaft provides full protection in case of spring (s-Kit) or electric motor (e-Kit) 

Specially designed interior locking system with alumunium locking teeth to prevent unauthorized access

Specially designed wider, stronger and "knife proof" slats, for 100% security of the load and rubber for the ultimate insulation



Toyota Hilux Revo '07/2016+ double cab 



Black Matt



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